30 Day Fitness Challenge

Today marks mine and Amy’s day one of our 30 day fitness challenge. Clean eat and regular workouts. Since COVID-19 took over we managed to continue our fitness through March, April and some of May but the garage workouts just didn’t engage us anymore and we lost a lot of motivation and desire to do anything with no goal to work towards. So we have a goal 30 days clean eat and workouts. This morning we kickstart the 30 days with the following for time. 100 sit ups100 press ups100 air squats The reps can be done however you want, … Continue reading 30 Day Fitness Challenge

Amateur Pantomime, oh no it isn’t!!

This year why not choose to watch or be in your local “amateur” pantomime over a professional pantomime. Amateur theatre (amateur dramatics) can be defined as “theatre performances in which the people involved are not paid but take part for their own enjoyment” Locally organised theatrical events provide a source of entertainment for the community, and can be a fun and exciting hobby, with strong bonds of friendship formed through participation. Many amateur theatre groups reject the “amateur” label and its negative association with “amateurish”, preferring to style themselves “dramatic societies”, “theatre groups” or just “players”. Whether we like it … Continue reading Amateur Pantomime, oh no it isn’t!!

We are Thick as Thieves

Originally posted on Little Acorn Productions:
On June 2nd we are, once again, performing Thick as Thieves but this time we’re getting competitive. We have entered this wonderfully funny play into the Wakefield’s Arts Festival and will be privileged to perform it on the wonderful Wakefield Theatre Royal and Opera House stage. This will be the 3rd time we have performed and we have been tweeking the script during rehearsals based on the reactions of previous audiences and how we felt performing it. The writer has been very generous in allowing us to play around with his script, even sending… Continue reading We are Thick as Thieves

Ladies’ Day show week

Well its arrived Wednesday 21st March, is opening night for Ladies’ Day. This is my first go at Directing, we’ve encountered pretty much everything during rehearsals to hinder us but we’ve all pulled together to put this show on. There is nothing more to do but to perform in front of a sell out audience for performances. Thanks to everyone who’s helped, given me assistance ideas and support. Thanks to everyone who’s loaned, made and given us set, props and costumes, Ive had so much help from great friends. Thank you. Continue reading Ladies’ Day show week