Amateur Pantomime, oh no it isn’t!!

This year why not choose to watch or be in your local “amateur” pantomime over a professional pantomime.

Amateur theatre (amateur dramatics) can be defined as “theatre performances in which the people involved are not paid but take part for their own enjoyment”
Locally organised theatrical events provide a source of entertainment for the community, and can be a fun and exciting hobby, with strong bonds of friendship formed through participation. Many amateur theatre groups reject the “amateur” label and its negative association with “amateurish”, preferring to style themselves “dramatic societies”, “theatre groups” or just “players”.
Whether we like it or not, and whatever its original root meaning – the word ‘amateur’ now has a negative significance in modern English usage when it applies to theatre and art. In theatre specifically, ‘amateurism’ is regularly used to imply muddled and botched work, low standards, lack of preparation, and so on 

I agree with everything written above, i even sometimes find myself saying “oh its just an amateur show i’m in” However, people take time out of their lives to rehearse 2-3 times a week, learn lines, song routines in their own personal time whilst working, studying and many other things

So this year don’t choose to watch or be in a professional panto with someone who came 10th on X Factor and once sang backing vocals for Seal , pick a local amatuer pantomime and support local theatre.

Myself and my friend Jonnie are directing Aladdin Pantomime, Show week is 27th-1st December, and Bradford Players are currently casting for it.

Its in Bradford at The Bradford Playhouse, it might be an Amateur show but far from Amateur performance we simply wont let that happen.

The workshop is on Sunday 30th June 2pm-4pm, get a feel for the show and what our vision is for it. Click here for more info

Auditions are on Sunday 7th July times TBC more info here

See you all soon


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3 thoughts on “Amateur Pantomime, oh no it isn’t!!

  1. Hello Chris ,

    I received the link via my brother in law Simon Christian with regards to the pantomime Aladdin at Xmas this year at Bradford Playhouse.
    Zara would be interested in auditioning. Is it a case if just turning up to the venue for auditioning or do you need her details ?
    Please confirm

    Kindest regards

    Katrina Webster

  2. Hi, this link was sent to my daughters friend Zara Webster. My daughter, Holly, attends Ambition academy and has recently been part of the Joseph choir at Leeds Grand Theatre. She would be interested in attending the workshop if there are any available places. Many thanks.

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