Thick as Thieves – Wakefield Drama Festival 2018

Let’s enter Wakefield Drama Festival Cev said, ok i said!

So on the 8th Feb rehearsals started. With a revamped script and some small additions to the set it was back to business as usual for us both.

Saturday the 2nd June 2018 – meet 8am and load the trailers, 9am build the set, plot lights etc, 2pm tech/dress run, 7.30pm curtain up, it wasnt as simple as that we had a few hiccups but lets leave it there.

After the show the Drama Festival adjudicator Mr Ian Sarginson came on stage. Mr Sarginson is a member of the Guild of Drama Adjudicators and also serves on the National Governing Council. He has covered festivals at all levels across most of the UK including several national finals and also the overall British Finals.

More information can be found about Ian here Ian Sarginson

To cut a long story short, he pretty much loved the play, apart from describing me as dim and a few other words,  he loved the set, props, script everything, it was quite overwhelming, the only thing he wasnt too keen on was the smoke machine used during a small part of the second act, but we can live with that.

We were nominated for the following awards –

  • Best Directors which we didn’t win but good to be nominated.
  • Best Comedy performance which we won.
  • We came third in the audience voting which, this was voted by people who came to watch all 7 shows.
  • We came third overall in the festival. 

What an acheivement two very happy thieves!!

Thanks to everyone who came to watch us both. Thanks everyone who helped during the day from set building to tech side Sage managing and lighting. Thanks to everyone down at Acorn productions, Cev, Sarah, both their parents, Susan Stenton for chaperoning and also Amelia, Abbie and Maria for helping back stage. A big thanks to my wife for putting up with me stressing over lines for the past few weeks,

We can finally put our own tag line to Thick as Thieves – “Award winning comedy performance 2018”

Written by Mark Whiteley of Hard Graft Theatre

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