The Forgotten Fallen August 2009

Drama illuminating one doctor’s pioneering efforts to protect the people of Manchester from the 1918 Spanish influenza pandemic.

Set against the background of the Armistice in November 1918 as millions of exhausted soldiers return home from the Great War, the film tells the little-known story of Dr James Niven, Manchester’s medical health officer for thirty years, and his heroic efforts to combat a second wave of fatal influenza as it spreads across the city and the UK.


Role Contributor
Dr James Niven Bill Paterson
Ernest Dunks Mark Gatiss
Sir Arthur Newsholme Paul Freeman
MJ O’Donnell Kenneth Cranham
Peggy Lytton Charlotte Riley
Elsa Kershaw Olwen May
Sam Lytton Jamie Spencer
Stanford Ian Mercer
Mrs Houlston Kate Ambler
Lord Mayor John Branwell
Matron Sarah Parks
Mortician Will Tacey
Journalist Gerard Fletcher
Tommy Jack McMullen
Superintendent Martin Oldfield
Constable John Draycott
Ellen Raffey Cassidy
Writer Peter Harness
Producer Susan Horth
Director Justin Hardy

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