Christmas Holiday 5K Daily Run 2020

Its fair to say I’ve had a lazy December 2020. One lovely local walk near me and that’s it. I’ve averaged around 6,000 steps a day and ploughed my way so far through 23 tubs of Pringles from my fantastic advent calendar bought by my amazing wife Amy.

A Lazy December

Its time to get moving over Christmas, so I’ve decided to run 5k everyday from 25th Dec through to 1st of Jan.

At the moment i need a purpose to make me get into some running gear, get out of our nice warm house and hit the tarmac.

I want to raise money for Yorkshire Children’s Trust. With not travelling to see friends and family I’m going to donate the petrol money I’ve saved, you can do the same too! Please donate below.

Yorkshire Children’s Trust was founded by two sets of parents after their daughters were diagnosed with Leukaemia. The charity has set out to help children and their families cope with the emotional and financial strain of many life-changing illnesses, something the founders of the charity understand after dealing with their own children going through the long and harsh treatments for cancer.

Relying heavily on voluntary donations, the charity was founded to help families who can fall through the ‘funding gap’ of traditional support channels and has successfully helped hundreds of children since it started. Best of all 100% of donations received will be used to support these families.

It is not just children with cancer the charity will offer support for. Any long term illness or disability, be a physical or mental impairment, the charity are able to offer a range of services to help support some of the most vulnerable children in the Yorkshire region.

Yorkshire Children’s Trust liaise with parents, medical professionals, teachers and key workers to ensure the best possible outcomes with a range of support options.

You can help these children; With a one off or regular donation, we will pay for:

Treatments such as counselling or therapies;

Support Grants to help families cover the cost of expensive equipment that are not covered by the NHS or the local authority;

Hospital Stay Grant for a child that may be an inpatient for weeks at a time, this covers the cost of extra expenses such as parking, travel costs;

Breaks for affected families that include mum, dad, siblings and carers at our brand new holiday home at the Butlins Skegness resort;

One-on-one counselling for not just the child, but parents and siblings and medical professions;

Annual Hospital Visits offering children gifts at Christmas and Easter to break up the monotony of being in hospital for extended periods.

Yorkshire Children’s Trust – a local charity, helping local children

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