Wakefield Drama Festival – Saturday 2nd June – Theatre Royal Wakefield

Thick as Thieves is back on stage, for those who couldn’t make it or have no idea what I’m on about or would like to come again please read below.

Meet Barry and Steph, two burglars, they are not robin hood they are robbing houses. Steph Aston is a hard and organised burglar with ambition. Barry Ireland isn’t the brightest, with a girlfriend and kids to support, he is finding it hard to go straight after his latest stint in prison.

We join the pair of burglars as they break into their latest house and after making a discovery that could change their lives forever. The night becomes more frantic and we find out more about what turned these two to a life of crime.

Although this is a very funny work of fiction, it is based on real life experiences and events that the writer has taken from interviews with criminals from around the country.

N.B. No budgies are hurt in the making of this production. 

This is quite big for us it’s we get marked and critiqued, id love for some friendly faces in the audience if you can make it with friends and family tickets information is below

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