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The word “Characterisation” makes me squirm! “Ok, so who are you? Tell me about your character blah blah blah”.  It’s not for me at all! So our first rehearsal tonight for Big Top Beauty and the Beast what do we do…….. characterisation.

Basically tonight’s rehearsal was a question and answer session with people I hardly knew in regards to my pantomime character Russell.

I was asked questions such as who are my parents? How old am I?, and who’s my best friend in the circus? I thought, shit, I don’t actually know the answer to any of these questions!

So after a 15 minute grilling, here’s what I came up with in relation to my character:

  • I’m 19.
  • I’ve not met my parents, however I do know my dad was a street cleaner and left me tied up with a load of plastic bags with some leaves, which is why I’m called Russell. 
  • This morning I had jam on toast, I have eggs on a Sunday from the chickens my mum and I have in the circus. 
  • I’m the chief pot washer, I also lacquer mums hair on a morning before I open the tents up to air them.
  • My best friend in the circus is Rose, she’s very caring and is also the first aider in the circus.
  • We have no insurance in the circus, everything is done at our own risk. 
  • We aren’t a member of any unions; Zitrot the Ring-Mistress wont let us.
  • The elephant in the circus is called Nellie and she’s colour blind. 
  • We have mice who live in the tents who aren’t scared of elephants, in-fact, they tend to dangle off their tails. 
  • No animals are caged in the circus, Nellie is chained to a stake but that’s for public safety, we also gaffer tape her trunk up as she keeps people awake during the night trumpeting. 
  • Me and mum sleep in a caravan, she sleeps on the top bunk and I’m on the bottom.

So that ladies and gentleman is characterisation of my character Russell whom I  am playing in the Bradford Players Pantomime. I have to say, I secretly enjoyed this task and found it quite useful figuring out who I am and what I’ve been up to in life.
After the hugely successful Disney Blockbusting film Earlier the year why not come along and see our version of this wonderful pantomime classic- but this time set in a circus. You really don’t want to miss this one.

 Click here to book tickets

  • £12 adults
  • £10 concessions
  • £40 family ticket
  • Dates and show times-
  • 29th November- 3rd December
  • Wednesday, Thursday and Friday 7.15pm
  • Saturday 1pm and 6pm
  • Sunday 2pm

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