It was October 2014 when I first saw the comedic play Thick as Thieves in a shop in Oldham, and from the opening scene I knew that I wanted to perform it.  After a quick chat with the writer, he agreed to send me the script. 

In January 2015 I applied to The DO IT Fund, Creative Scene which is a lottery funded scheme, using public funding by the Arts Council England, which allows individuals and groups from “local” areas to get a small amount of money to make their creative ideas a reality. 

My application was unfortunately turned down [sadly this is common for local aspiring thespians], so it went on the back burner until March this year, when I spotted a cracking little studio in Dewsbury and someone willing to go halves with me in putting this comical play together. 

Cev Barker, owner of Acorn Productions agreed to direct the show, allowed me to use his studio and rehearsal rooms as well as taking on the part of Steph.  In return my side of the deal was to organise publicity flyers, programmes and the set required for the production; the rest they say is history.

To say that Cev and I have put this cracking comedy together ourselves has been a fantastic achievement which we are both proud of, what we have achieved together is proof that you can do anything you want when you put your mind to it with the help of wonderful and supportive friends and family.

I would like to say a big wholehearted THANK YOU to everyone involved with the show from helping with props, scenery, cleaning anything and everything and especially YOU our audience to which without you it wouldn’t be worth doing!

Please give these links a follow for up and coming shows…..

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